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Organizing Small Spaces: Kid's Closet Edition

Having an organized closet for your children will not only help teach them how to be organized at a young age, but it will also keep you sane when it comes to getting the kiddos dressed! An organized closet for your kids allows them to even choose their own outfits if they so choose. So many benefits come from having an organized closet. Below are some family-friendly tips that we use, and highly recommend, when it comes to organizing your kid's closets.

Go Vertical

We've said it so many times, but using the vertical space in any closet is a must! Storing clothes that are too big for your child on the top shelf is a great idea. Seasonal items, such as winter outdoor gear or bathing suits can also be stored up top as they're not used frequently. Always contain these items in labeled bins or baskets so you know where exactly where those items can be found when you need them next!

Maximize Floor Space

The floor of your child's closet is most likely being underutilized. They don't necessarily have tons of shoes to fill up the space, so adding in a small dresser or a cubby bin storage unit is such a win. It helps provide more space for their clothing and accessories. You don't necessarily need a full drawer for their socks, but if you have a small cubby bin they kids will know exactly where to find them!

Leave Room for Odds & Ends

When we say 'odds & ends' we simply mean items such as extra kids blankets, stuffed animals, extra bags and backpacks. These items all need a home and designating a space in their closet for those items is a great spot. Things like a collapsable fabric bin on the floor for stuff animals or Command hooks for hanging backpacks are great hacks that the kids will know exactly where those items belong when they're not being used.

Folding & Hanging

If you have a space for hanging clothes, and a dresser to store clothes it's important to go through and sort like items with like items. Casual t-shirts and long sleeve shirts can be folded and put into the same drawer. Jeans and casual pants can also be folded and go into the same drawer. Pajamas and underwear can also be folded and put into the same drawer. Any items that are considered nicer and aren't used as frequently should be hung up. A lot of this is preference based, but keep in mind that kids like to dress themselves at some point, so it's important to put their day to day items in drawers that they can easily reach. Lastly, always file fold their clothing that goes into drawers. This will save you so much space!

Organizers & Bins are a Must

Having bins, baskets and organizers will help eliminate clutter from adding up. They give everything a home and a zone. You can purchase different containers and patterns to accommodate the variety of items your kid's closet needs to contain, from toys and shoes to stuffed animals and the little things they love to collect. A good set of bins and baskets can make all the difference for your kids and their closets! Hampers fall in this category, too! If space allows, store the hamper in the closet so the kids have everything regarding their clothing contained into one space.

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