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Mullins basement after3.jpg
Graves pantry after1.jpg


October 2023

My wife loves it! You guys are magicians. My sister lives in the city and needs to get her pad organized. I told her to call shipshape and hire you immediately!


August 2022

Shipshape pulled apart and put my kitchen back together in one afternoon and it's been a dream since! I couldn't believe all the excess we had filling up our cabinets, it felt so good to donate those items and get them out of the house. The detail and different containers they brought in, the way everything was assembled back together made so much more sense, and has allowed me to cook and find things so much easier!


September 2023

I was having a hard time getting things organized and keeping them organized. I didn’t have proper systems in place. I would get started and not finish the organizing. I met with Lizz, she understood what I needed. She executed the job perfectly! We have been loving our organized pantry and closets. I hope to have both Lizz and Jacqui back for more organizing in the future! It was so nice to have all of the areas done in one day! The whole process was easy and enjoyable!

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