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At shipshape organization, we organize homes, offices and playrooms for busy families and individuals.

The goal at shipshape is to keep all things useful. If you’re not using it, someone else will! We will help you release the blockages of ‘stuff’ in your life. When you are ready to release the blockages, you create energy and space that allows you to move forward. It’s time for a transformational experience that will create real life change that you are needing. 

We are here to help manage the process right by your side!  

Bathroom Shelves


We plan, shop, and install while you enjoy life.


Hourly rate starts at $150 for 2 organizers. Minimum of 5 hours.

At Organizing, we offer comprehensive home organizing services to help you achieve a clutter-free and stress-free home environment. We will work closely with you to evaluate your needs and provide personalized solutions. Together, we'll declutter and organize your living spaces to ensure that your home is a place that promotes peace, comfort, and relaxation.


A 30 minute virtual consultation is included.

Mover Packing


We can help you through life’s biggest transitions, including moving! We offer comprehensive packing services to make your relocation stress-free and efficient. 


Packing and unpacking pricing is custom tailored to each customer's unique needs. 

A 30 minute virtual consultation is included.

Elegant woman decorating room for Christmas dinner.jpg


We know decorating for the holidays can be overwhelming so let shipshape deck the halls for you! Imagine taking your home and turning it into a cozy, festive retreat that feels like a warm hug from the holiday season. We offer install and take down services.

Hourly rate starts at $150 for 2 organizers. Minimum of 5 hours.


A 30 minute virtual consultation is included.



Not local? No problem! The shipshape virtual package is ideal for anyone that isn't local to the Chicagoland area.


Pricing is $100 per hour for 1 organizer. 

We will work with you on your projects over Zoom! Your shipshape team member will discuss your space, create a shopping list for items needed, and walk you through the steps to get organized. This package is typically broken down into multiple small Zoom sessions. It's very hands on, even if it's done virtually!

A 30 minute virtual consultation is included.

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