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8 benefits of living a decluttered life

Living a clutter free life can seem impossible, but there is without a doubt, a way to live clutter free. As with most things in life, it's a practice to live in a clutter free environment. If you have a partner or kids, they will need to practice, too. We know, you're thinking, "yeah, right!", but once a routine is established it's a very approachable lifestyle to maintain.

There are countless reasons and benefits to living a decluttered life. We compiled a list of benefits and quickly realized that they affect your emotional, mental and physical health. They lead to a more intentional life. Below we're going to breakdown what we consider some of the most important benefits you'll receive from making decluttering part of your daily life.


If there is one thing we all need less of it's stress! Research shows that living in a clutter-free environment lowers your cortisol levels, which is great for lowering your stress! All of the clutter you see creates added 'weight' that no one wants. When you eliminate the clutter and 'stuff' you literally relieve stress from your body and mind. It's life changing!


Decluttering your home and space gives you a huge boost in your self-esteem and mood. Don't believe us? Try it! We promise you will feel accomplished and joyful. It's an empowering feeling to live authentically and have control over your space and your possessions.


When it comes time to clean after you've decluttered you will not spend nearly as much time on it. Everything has a place and you'll know exactly where all of your possessions should go. Not to mention, the dust and dirt won't gather up quite like it used to when your environment was cluttered.


It can be extremely difficult to be productive when you're surrounded by clutter. When you have a calm and clear space without distraction it's much easier to stay focused and accomplish your tasks. Decluttering your work space also declutters your mind!


When your home environment is decluttered, especially in your kitchen and pantry zone, you are more likely to make smarter food choices. You will actually see what you have in your pantry instead of grabbing the bag of chips at the front. It also gives you more time in general, which can allow time to meal prep and enjoy your time in the kitchen.


Your bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary, not a home for clutter. When there is less stuff and clutter in your physical and mental space your mind can rest easier when it's time to catch some zzz's. A clutter free space can literally improve your sleep habits.


Literally! You will have more physical space and more mental space. Once you begin the process of decluttering your space you will see the results and feel accomplished leading you to continue tackling different decluttering projects. The fewer possessions and clutter you have in your life the more space you have.


When you have a lot of stuff and things are hard to find it's easier to continue to buy and buy and buy. When your space is decluttered you know exactly what you have and you don't spend your money on so many things anymore. Spending practices will become more mindful and fulfilling. It's an incredible feeling!

Decluttering your home and environment is a life changing process. Be sure to start small, make it a routine, and get your entire family involved. Don't give up - it's worth it!


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