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Creating a System for an Organized Home

Maintaining an organized home with a family, kids, pets, etc. can feel impossible and daunting, but we promise you it doesn't have to feel that way! Some of our biggest tips are creating systems for every room in the home. Within these systems we create zones, which are bins and baskets for containment. From there, we always love to add a label. These tips are the foundation of creating an organized home that the entire family can help maintain.

Below we break down a few more ideas and habits that will help keep your home looking tidy and fresh all year long!

Create a Home for Everything

When starting the process of getting organized it's important to go through everything that you're keeping and contain these items. We use bins and baskets of all shapes and sizes to make it work. Containment is key to creating a 'home' for everything. When your kids use the baseball and mitts to play catch, they will know exactly where they go when they're done because they have a given 'home' that the equipment lives in. This goes for everything room and closet in your home. Use bins and baskets to set yourself up for success.

Label Everything

We love to label just about anything! And, there are many reasons why. Once your stuff has a home it's important to label what it is on the front of the bin/basket so that you know exactly what's in there without having to look inside. It gives you and your family no excuses when it comes to putting items away. They have a labeled home that eliminates clutter and dumping items anywhere you want. And lastly, labels help eliminate the back and forth questioning of where certain items belong for your family. It can be frustrating to constantly tell the kids where to put items, so this is a surefire way to eliminate a lot of the questioning!

Hire a Professional

We're not just talking about professional organizers! We're talking about professional house cleaners. Everyone is so busy, schedules are stacked and time for cleaning the house and staying organized doesn't all fall at the top of the priority list. We completely understand! And, we know it's important set yourself up for success - for you and your family! Hiring a professional organizer will help set the foundation to an organized home. A professional cleaning person can come help maintain the messiness on a regular basis. They may seem costly, but it's 100% worth it if you're invested in having an organized home. These are 2 hires you will never regret!

40 Minutes a Day

Set yourself up for success by spending the first 20 minutes of your day waking up the house, and spend the last 20 minutes of your day tidying up and prepping for tomorrow. This can be anything from picking up the kids toys to doing the dishes and starting a load of laundry. These 40 minutes will absolutely change your household organization and tidiness. This is such a great staple to implement for your entire family. It teaches the kids the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves and maintaining a nice home. By doing this every day your home should never get too out of control.

Put Items Away Immediately

This is one habit that you can never have too much practice with. A lot of people mindlessly put items on the counter instead of putting them back in their home. It creates more clutter and mess, and frankly, it makes no sense why you wouldn't put the item back exactly what you just grabbed it from. This also goes for groceries and laundry. The dreaded items that can sit on the counters, couches or in the dryer for days. You will feel SO much better once these items are put away. Practice taking the time to fold and put away the laundry as soon as it's done. Same goes for the groceries! There's no sense in letting items sit on the counter when they have a home in your pantry space. If there's anything you take away from this post let it be this!! We cannot stress how important it is to put away your items immediately.


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