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Garage Storage Ideas for the Kids

Garages are one of those spaces that you love to keep organized, but it can very quickly turn into disarray. With bikes, sports equipment, shoes, bag, and coolers it can pile up leaving you no room to park your car. Clearing the the clutter is easier than you may think. Below we'll breakdown some affordable systems and ideas you can implement in your own garage to keep all of the things organized and off the floor.

Track Systems

Track systems help maintain organization, but more importantly they help keep the floors clear from clutter building. They are extremely versatile products that can be hung on an open wall and used for hanging tools, ladders, sports equipment, shovels, and even bikes! They come in a variety of sizes and you can always add more track wall if it's needed. The accessories are also amazing because they can be moved and changed out as often as you need! Some of our favorite accessories are the hooks, trays, baskets and clamps to hold items like skis.

Shoe Racks

Let's face it, kids are inevitably going to get dirt, mud, grass, water and who knows what else on their shoes and we don't want that inside of our homes! The best way to eliminate that is set up a shoe rack system right by the door. This will teach the entire family to take their shoes off before entering the house. You can purchase a simple stand alone shoe rack or you can install wall mount angled shoe racks. We love the wall mount shoe racks because it keeps everything off the floor and allows for any wet shoes to dry out with how they're positioned.

Bike Racks

If you have limited space, but a lot of bikes and helmets storing your bikes vertically is the best way to go! We love the Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack system because they're easy to install and are sold as 1 rack, so if you have 3 bikes you'll only buy 3 bike racks. They're easy enough for kids to store their bike, too! All you have to do is stand your bike on its back where and insert the front wheel into the rack and it locks into place. You truly can't go wrong with any bike rack, just make sure that they're accessible to the kids so they can take their bikes on and off the rack when needed.

Sports Equipment Storage

We LOVE these storage units from The Container Store! They're heavy duty and can store nearly all of the kids sports equipment. There's enough space to store balls, bats, rackets, and cleats. The bench unit allows for seating space for when the kids are putting on their shoes for the game. The larger storage unit comes with removable hooks that you can hang mitts, bags or hats on. These are staple pieces that the entire family can use to help maintain the garage organization.

Cubbies for the Kids

If you want to keep more clutter out of the house, create a cubby solution in your garage! There are so many types of cubbies you can purchase pre-made or you can have them custom made. Either way, they will be perfect for storing the kids shoes, jackets, and backpacks! All things that are most likely normally piled up in the laundry room and kitchen. They are also perfect for storing extra sports bags and equipment. Every kid will have their designated cubby, making your life, and theirs, a little easier when it comes to finding missing items.

There are so many different ways to create an organized storage system in your garage that your whole family can follow and maintain. These are just a few that we love!

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