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It's Wedding Season! Must Haves on Your Registry

It's wedding season! And, life is starting to get back to normal, which means you could be having your wedding this summer or fall. It's such an exciting time, but it can be stressful on many levels. One of those stressors could be your wedding registry. There are some things that you MUST have on your registry, and quite frankly, there's some items that are fun that you wouldn't buy for yourself. Below we breakdown some of our must have products that should absolutely be on your registry!

Oxo POP Containers

These magical storage containers are perfect for all things pantry! You can use them for baking goods, cereal, pasta, rice - you name it and you can probably use it for that! The pop button on the lid ensures the goods are in an airtight seal. They're great for pantry use, but pretty enough to store on your countertops, too! They are available in a glass & stainless steel combo and BPA-free plastic.

Matching Towel Sets

You're growing up and doing adult things, like getting married, which means you can't use your beach towel as a bath towel, and vice versa! Get a matching set of four to six bath and hand towels, as well as washcloths for each bathroom that has a bath or shower in it. It's an upgraded look and nice to have all the same throughout the home so you don't have to worry about which ones go where! Quick tip, always store the towels so the folded side shows. It's very aesthetically pleasing!

Matching Dinnerware

This one seems obvious, but how many of you could open your cabinets to find a lot of mismatched cups and bowls? I'm sure there's a lot of you out there... and that's ok, but when you're getting married it's the perfect time to register for a full matching dinnerware set. You'll register per place setting, and if you enjoy hosting, it's always a good idea to do 12 total. This upgrade to your kitchen will be appreciated by everyone!

Drawer Dividers & Organizers

It might sound silly, but these will be a game changer in your kitchen, whether it's with all of the fun new gadgets you received or are moving into your first home together. They'll help you know exactly what goes where and avoids a cluttered and tangled mess each time you open up your drawers. They're also not just for the kitchen! Use drawer dividers in the bathroom, laundry room and desk drawer!

Closet Systems

This gift idea is a little off the wall, but what's better than having an organized closet system when starting this new chapter in your lives. Registering for an Elfa Closet System is a big ticket item, but it's well worth it. You will receive a professional consultation, and from there they'll manage the exact measurements, the design, and the install. Trust us when we say this will have you falling in love with your closet over and over again.

We know there are more fun things to add to your registry, but we know that products that help create an organized home also create a lifetime of happiness! Less clutter, less stress, more organization, more love!


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