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Organizing Small Spaces: Bathroom Edition

Organizing small spaces can be very daunting. It's tough to know what should go where, and you can feel very torn about how many things you want to put in that space, but we promise you it's attainable. Whether it's your main bathroom or a guest bathroom, there's a chance that one of the bathroom's in your home is lacking some storage space. That's ok! There are ways to work around tight spaces and maximize the space all at once.

All bathrooms should follow the same principles when it comes to organization. You need space for your everyday basic items, toilet paper and towels. Below we address a few ideas that will help you keep a tidy bathroom while having plenty of space for all of your bathroom needs!

Open Shelving

This little tip is something that can work for almost any space, but it always works well when a closet or cabinets are not an option. Specifically for a bathroom you can install a couple floating shelves above the toilet. This makes for perfect storage for rolled towels or a basket with extra toilet paper. Add a small candle or a plant and you'll essentially have an affordable, but huge upgrade to your bathroom.

Tiered Drawer System

When you're in need of extra storage space for your toothbrush, hairbrush, makeup, etc. a tiered drawer system is the way to go. It utilizes vertical space and allows you to all of your bathroom items sorted. There are great tiered drawers that work perfectly under a bathroom sink, and you can find smaller ones that work great on the countertop. There are so many visually appealing countertop tiered organizers that having one on the counter won't be an eye sore.

Drawer Dividers & Organizers

Drawer dividers and organizers are a must, whether you have a small or large bathroom. These little organizers are a life saver and really allow you to see exactly what you have. It will provide additional storage space when you know that you have plenty of toothpaste and floss. There's no need to back stock, especially with minimal storage space. These organizers will show you exactly where everything is, which will save you time when you're getting ready.

Over the Door Storage

If you don't have a closet or a lot of cabinet space in your bathroom a great option for added storage is an over the door organizer. This can quite literally DOUBLE your storage space if you need it! You can purchase over the door storage in a variety of sizes and styles, and they're all fairly affordable. You can get them with just shelving or pouches or you can find them with a towel rack. As we like to say, it's a real game changer for organization and extra storage space!

These ideas are great for any size bathroom, but they will work wonders on smaller spaces. Next time you're struggling to get organized in a small bathroom come back to these affordable options and make some upgrades!


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