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The "Must" List For Closet Organization

When it comes to organizing your closet you want that feeling of euphoria when it's completed. And, rightfully so! You see and use that space every single day, multiple times a day! You deserve to feel amazing when your closet is well organized. But, organizing your clothing closets can be daunting. You can feel overwhelmed, stressed and there's always a chance you'll have a hard time parting with a lot of your items. It's a natural feeling, and one that can be managed with some simple tips to help make the process of organizing your closet feel like a piece of cake.

The list below provides the 'must do's' and the 'must have's' when it comes to tackling your main bedroom closet. Take a deep breath! Know that it will take some time to finish the project, but it will always be worth it! You'll never want to ruffle the feathers of your organized closet again!

The sorting system

It's truly a must when it comes to removing the items from your. The sorting method consists of setting up 3 designated piles for your items as you are sorting them. Keep, donate, and toss makes up the sorting system. Keep anything you love and wear often. Toss anything that's extremely old, ripped, or stained. Donate anything that you no longer wear, but are still in decent condition to be worn by someone else. Be realistic in the sorting stage, as this is what will determine what goes back into your closet. If a 'maybe' pile is needed, go for it! It will help you process through everything.


Whether you categorize your clothes by color, type of clothing, or a mix of both, make sure you categorize your closet. It seems very obvious, but it will change your life when it comes to needing a dark blue long sleeve shirt. You'll find things much faster and easier than you used to. We recommend hanging all of your jeans together, all sweaters together, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, etc. together. You can decide from there if you then want to color code each of those sections. It's easy on the eyes, and again, it will make for finding a specific colored item much easier!


Before you purchase new shelving, bins, baskets, or racks make sure to measure! The excitement of having new and pretty bins and baskets in your freshly organized closet can sometimes takeover, and next thing you know it's back and forth to The Container Store because nothing fits quite right. Measure first and then draw out a simple design of where you want the new shelving or bins and baskets to be placed. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to installing and putting your closet back together. Simple, yes, but it's a must do for redesigning your closet.

Matchy matchy

Having matching hangers is simply the best! And, for many reasons... it looks great and creates unity in your closet. If you're going to great lengths to organize your closet you should absolutely get the matching hangers. We highly recommend the felt hangers that don't leave marks on your clothing, and your clothes won't slip off of them. It's a game changer if you have never used them. Invest in good hangers and make sure that they're all facing the same way. These small details will make all the difference when your project is completed.

Look up

Using the vertical space for extra storage in a closet is an absolute must! Most of the time we don't use all of the space in our closets because we don't know what products to use or how to utilize the space. Vertical space is an ideal way to get more bang for your buck out of your closet. Think handbags, hats winter accessories, summer accessories, and shoes that you don't wear often. These are the perfect items to store higher up as they're not used as frequently. It will save you space on the lower level of your closet for items that are used much more frequently.

One in, one out

It's inevitable that you'll purchase new clothes after organizing your closet, so we recommend using the one in and one out method. It's as simple as it sounds. If you purchase a new shirt make sure you take the time to look through the shirts you already have to pick one for the donate pile. The same goes for shoes, jeans, jewelry, etc. It's a best practice method that will prevent your closet from getting cluttered with items you no longer like or wear. Having a small bin placed in your closet labeled "donation" will help remind you to keep up with the one in, one out method. Once the bin is full it goes straight to your local donation center.

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